Colombia: The dog that found the four children disappeared in the jungle

Searches continue in Colombia, but not for the four rescued children. While the nation celebrates, the forest is still searching for the last missing person: a dog named Wilson who was with the young children.

These are drawings by two of the four children, showing a dog named Wilson who finds them before the others and stays with them until he gets lost.

The maps were given to the Colombian military, who are now awaiting the animal’s return. The Belgian Shepherd is treated as a national hero in the country.

A six-year-old dog has been credited with helping find four children missing in the jungle for 40 days, after the search turned up several clues that the little ones were alive and alone, but it appears to have been met. Children before everyone..

After finding the children, Wilson eventually got lost in the vegetation, they still saw him, they called him, but nothing.

Wilson is now lost in a dangerous jungle with a bad climate, home to many predators, and it’s up to him to see if the training he’s received helps him resist until they find him.

Columbia still waits in the woods, thinking “nobody backs down,” and the army looks for Wilson as another accomplice with weapons.

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