England. Shocked man finds builders at his late mother’s house

Un son found workers remodeling the kitchen of his recently deceased mother’s home in Sandwell, England, despite continuing to pay the rent. Craig McGough, 39, says the council acted “insensitively” by entering the home without permission.

The man reported to the police and the case is being investigated, Daily Mail reported. McGuff notified council of the death of Joyce Timmins in July of this year, when the woman lost her life to a stroke. Joyce’s son wanted to terminate the lease but was told he could not do so as he was not his mother’s legal representative.

Two months after his mother died, Craig McCaw was told he had to pay the rent before the end of the lease. However, on October 4, when he visited his late mother’s home, he was shocked to find bricklayers at Sandwell Council.

The man is now demanding “an apology from the person responsible and compensation for stress”.

The man insists that the only thing he wanted to do after his mother’s funeral was “hand over the keys to the house,” but was not allowed to finish the lease. “When they did it, it was in the worst way,” the man complained.

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