E. Trump ordered the US to pay $83 million in damages to Jean Carroll

A jury in federal court in New York has indicted former US President Donald Trump as part of a sex-defamation lawsuit against writer E. It decided to pay Jean Carroll 83 million dollars (over 76 million euros). Malpractice.

A former magazine columnist Elle In 2019, Trump denied sexual misconduct and sought at least ten million dollars for defamatory statements he made while president. Violation.

In his closing remarks to the jury this Friday morning, E. Jean Carroll's attorney reiterated that Trump would pay his client “with love” for defamation and denial of sexual assault, pointing to $10 million.

“We all have to follow the law. However, Donald Trump acts as if the rules and laws don't apply to him,” said Roberta Kaplan, Carolyn's attorney. “This trial is about forcing him to stop once and for all. It's time for him to be punished for what he has done.”

Minutes after Roberta Kaplan began speaking, the former president abruptly left the hearing. He turned around only to hear his own attorney, Alina Hubba, record the judge as saying, “Trump simply got up and left the courtroom.”

The ex-president's lawyer argued that the writer did not deserve a cent and that the case actually went in his favor.

“He was happier than ever to get the fame, support and appreciation he always wanted,” said Alina Hubba, who said Carol, 80, never suffered psychologically or professionally. “It's clear that he has no problem using President Trump to promote himself and his brand.”

According to the decision of the New York court, Donald Trump e. Jean Carroll was ordered to pay nearly $20 million (€18.4 million) in restitution and another $65 million (€59.8 million) in punitive damages.

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The 77-year-old Republican responded to the jury's decision on the social network he owns, Truth Social. “Totally ridiculous! I completely disagree with both rulings and I will appeal this whole witch hunt led by Joe Biden, centered on me and the Republican Party,” he wrote of the current US president he is facing in the presidential election. From November. “Our justice system is out of control and being used as a political weapon.”

In 2023, Trump ordered the American author and journalist to pay five million dollars in compensation. There he commented on the decision and denounced the “witch hunt” he claims was the target: “I don't know who this woman is. This verdict is a shame – it's a continuation of the biggest witch hunt!

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