Drones have never been so important in a war and Ukraine is losing 300 a day

Electronic units of the Russian army are scattered on the front lines

Russia has shot down about 300 drones a day since the start of the war, thanks to UK Think, which interviewed three Ukrainian military veterans who estimate losses to drones at 10,000 a month.

As the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) notes, a ReportRussia’s electronic military capability is a “key component” of the Kremlin’s tactics, which have been able to inflict heavy losses on Ukraine in this sector.

Ukrainian authorities have not clarified which and how many drones were destroyed, but experts say they are mostly cheap and small vehicles used for surveillance operations.

While the numbers show heavy losses on Ukraine’s side, they also reveal a great ability on Kiev’s side to use drones, one of the first conflicts in the world to make widespread use of unmanned vehicles.

RUSI highlights the strength of the electronic units of the Russian Army, with devices capable of dealing with these threats every 10 kilometers on the front line.

Sophisticated systems such as Shipovnik-Aero are at risk, many of which are difficult to detect and can follow certain signals, allowing them to “hide” from drones.

Ukraine has used a variety of drones in the war, from inexpensive vehicles used for reconnaissance or transport to the Turkish Biraktor TB2, which costs nearly five million euros per unit. The latter are Turkish-made combat drones that are widely used by Kiev to attack military targets. These are highly effective drones that have already been used during war to destroy military vehicles, tanks, missile systems and helicopters owned by the Russian forces.

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