Putin’s friend built him a 3 million mansion, but the Russian president turned it down because he didn’t want to fish in Finland

The mansion was created by a friend of Putin’s from his university days with the aim of enticing the Russian president with the natural beauty of the Gulf of Finland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin owns a lavish multi-million-euro mansion in Finland, but it’s unlikely he’ll enjoy it forever. An arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court could be executed if Putin enters Nordic territory, but the Russian president is not averse to fishing in Finland.

Located on the shores of Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland, the holiday home was built for Putin at a cost of around 3 million euros, with the intention of the Russian president going on fishing vacations. This information was found by the independent Russian news agency The Insider.

The mansion has three floors and has a cellar, an underground garage, a sauna, a private swimming pool, a billiards room, an office and eight bathrooms.

However, the villa is unfinished and is currently adorned with scaffolding, piles of construction materials, tiles, stairs, cables, refrigerators and an unfinished bathtub. According to Interiorr, construction faced many hurdles such as non-payment of wages and poor working conditions and the constant abandonment of workers. Also, some Finnish workers refused to contribute to the project.

The entire project, launched in 2017, was designed and financed by Viktor Kmarin, a former colleague of Putin’s at Leningrad State University and the current director general of the Rushydro hydroelectric plant. According to The Insider, Khmerin is Putin’s partner, often attending dances and wrestling matches.

Viktor Khmerin, Putin’s close friend and Director General of Rushydro hydroelectric power station/DR

The construction of the house was intended to allow Putin to spend more time with Khmerin – and in that effort he spent 480,000 euros on the main building, 192,000 euros on the safe house and more than 380,000 euros on construction materials and additional costs. trails, a fishing house and other facilities.

The unfinished mansion is located near Villa Sekren, an estate on the Gulf of Finland that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said was used by Putin as a holiday retreat.

But the seduction plan turned against Kmarin after the Russian president said he had lost interest in the project and did not want to fish in Finland. Khmer accepted the project at a financial loss after failing to find a buyer, according to The Insider, citing sources close to the Kremlin.

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