Death toll of pilgrims during Mecca pilgrimage rises to 1,301 – Current Affairs

“Unfortunately, the death toll reached 1,301, 83% of whom were not allowed to perform Hajj. They traveled long distances under the sun without adequate shelter or comfort,” the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi Arabia’s Health Minister, Fahd al Yalayel, confirmed today that a total of 1,301 deaths have been recorded during the pilgrimage to Mecca and Islamic holy sites, mainly due to high temperatures.

Al Yalayel, quoted by Spanish news agency Efe, explained that 83% of those killed did not have official authorization to undertake the pilgrimage, and many of them walked in the sun without any protection. rest

According to Ajbar24 news website, some of them are elderly people suffering from chronic diseases.

The minister explained that the dead had been identified and their families informed, although he warned that the process would take time as many did not carry any form of identification.

The bodies were buried as per the custom in Mecca and a death certificate was issued.

The Saudi health system has provided more than 465,000 specialized services, including 141,000 for unauthorized pilgrims and, in many cases, for heat-related conditions, the minister said in an interview with Saudi television Al Izbariya.

Many of them are in hospital, according to Al Yaleel, who highlighted the work of health workers and security forces.

The governor highlighted the absence of epidemics and communicable diseases among the pilgrims.

Al Yaleel said 95 patients were transferred to Riyadh and other cities to receive free medical care without obtaining permission for the pilgrimage.

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He explained that the health services provided include open heart surgeries, heart catheterizations, dialysis and emergency care.

The minister highlighted that health care begins even before the pilgrimage begins, with more than 1.3 million preventive services provided for early detection of diseases, vaccinations and awareness programmes.

Today, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his son and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman congratulated the authorities for their work during this holy festival for Muslims.

On Friday, the United States confirmed the death of “several American citizens” in Saudi Arabia during the hajj, but did not provide figures.

The annual pilgrimage to Mecca ended on Wednesday after five days of religious rituals, with high temperatures reaching 51.8 degrees Celsius.

Due to the high cost of the trip, which costs an average of 4,600 euros per person, many pilgrims choose other routes that are considered illegal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These unofficial pilgrims do not have access to air-conditioned facilities and tents during the pilgrimage.

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