Chinese police have found about 100 children abducted 60 years ago

According to the Chinese State Council Information Office, Chinese police have found 10,932 people who went missing last year, including 2,514 for more than 20 years.

The children, who were minors at the time of the disappearance, were found within the boundaries of the “Tuanyuan” (“Reunification with Family”) campaign launched in 2016 by the Asian country’s public security agencies to search for the missing. In some cases, they are dragged out for decades.

Of the approximately 100 cases settled in 2021, those were juveniles at the time Missing for over 60 years e, In the most extreme case, 74 years ago, According to data from the Ministry of Public Security.

The campaign involves the use of technologies such as DNA analysis or facial recognition and collaborating with citizens to unravel pending cases.

Some technology companies in the country have also assisted the authorities.

Some of the cases were widely reported in the Chinese press.

The boy, Sun Joo, who was discovered in 2021, his father had been looking for him for 14 years, and he encouraged the film.Dear“, Released in 2014.

This is a case in point for Guo Kangdong, who traveled across China in 1997, in search of his son, who was last discovered last year, and who promoted the film. “Lost and Love“.

Child abduction has been a persistent social problem in the Asian country for decades.

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