The secret lies in the ostriches: the glowing masks when detecting Covit-19

The discovery in Japan promises to revolutionize the detection of Govt-19


A team of Japanese researchers has made a discovery that promises to revolutionize the detection of Kovit-19. It is about the development of glowing masks when exposed to ultraviolet light while detecting traces of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to Kyoto State University scientists quoted by Kyoto News, the discovery was made possible by the use of antibodies extracted from ostrich eggs – according to the same scientists, animals capable of producing different types of neutralizing antibodies or proteins. Unknown organisms in the body.


“We can mass-produce antibodies from ostrich at low cost. I want to turn this into a test tool that everyone can use in the future,” said Yasuhiro Sukamoto, who led the team’s project.

In February last year, the team introduced a “passive form” of the corona virus into an ostrich, which scientists say was successful in culminating in the extraction of high levels of antibodies from the ostrich’s eggs.




With this discovery, the team moved on to the next step: the creation of a special filter placed inside the masks and taking out and spraying fluorescent dye containing antibodies to ostrich eggs.

When the researchers conducted 10 days of experiments involving 32 volunteers with Covit-19 disease, they found that all the participants’ masks glowed under ultraviolet light, which then disappeared over time as the virus load decreased.

The panel of scientists now wants to expand the trial to 150 participants, while waiting for government approval to market the respective masks early next year.

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While wearing one of these masks the dean of the university discovered that he had Covit-19 and then confirmed the result by PCR test.

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