Biden’s potential visit to Israel rings bells — the economy

Biden’s potential visit to Israel rings bells

Biden now insists that the attack on Gaza must be within the limits that democratic institutions follow.

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The White House is grappling with a series of political and security challenges as rumors swirl that Joe Biden might visit Israel, with a section of the US president’s staff suggesting the trip could bring diplomatic ties in the medium term.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched the challenge after Biden announced his support for the Israeli military’s “swift, decisive and overwhelming” response to the killing of hundreds of Israeli civilians by Hamas. In a minor speech adjustment compared to initial reports, this Monday, the North American president has already gone public that the attack on the Gaza Strip must be within the limits “followed by democratic institutions”.

The White House declined to comment on plans for the trip. National Security Council spokesman Adrian Watson said in a statement that “no new trips have been reported.”

According to Reuters, at a time when the US is trying to avoid a wider regional war involving Iran, its Lebanese ally Hezbollah and Syria, this kind of trip to show support for Netanyahu would be a rare and risky choice. Food and fuel are in short supply in Gaza, where officials say Israeli strikes have killed more than 2,800 people.

According to the agency, this gives Biden a new advantage to influence events on the ground and strengthen his image in the country.

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