Ball – Defends co-owner Abramovich (England) in Newcastle

Amanda Stavley, a British businesswoman with strong ties to the Middle East, was instrumental in the acquisition of Newcastle, a consortium of three companies – the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), PCB Capital Partners (owned by Staveley) and RB Sports (Media). Ruben Brothers Group) – co-owner of the North East England Club .

According to the businessman, Chelsea’s owner (who has already received several plans to buy the club for about two billion euros), who sold the London logo after Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, has created barriers from all over the West. The world, “treated unfairly.”

Amanda Stavley went further and, in front of the audience, underestimated the issues that led to the end of Roman Abramovich. “We will always have geopolitical issues. This world will never stop having problems, I know it’s so hard, I’m so sorry to be someone [Roman Abramovich] A football club was withdrawn [Chelsea] Because of the relationship you have with someone [Vladimir Putin]. I do not think it’s fair to be honest, “lamented the 48-year-old English woman, who married Mehroto Kodozi, a British-Iranian financial agent.

The businessman, who is aware of the many criticisms leveled at the deal to buy Newcastle with money from the Saudi government, is associated with a long history of insulting human rights such as lack of religious and political freedom and lack of women’s rights. For example, the legal minimum age for marriage), Prince Mohammed bin Salman also defended the country: “I think we should be responsible for all our relationships. I think we need to keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is an incredibly large and important country that I love. I love the Saudis. They are a young and vibrant people and I have seen a lot change in Saudi Arabia. Those are my thoughts, because I’ve met a lot of people, so I’m excited … I wish we had all been more excited about football than we were in war.

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Following the comments of the English millionaire, Amnesty International reiterated this through spokesman Felix Jackens:[Os comentários de Amanda Staveley] Do not cause us any surprise. As we say, in this era where there is a global agenda of game laundering and horror in Ukraine, the Premier League has a clear and immediate moral responsibility to change the rules of ownership and strengthen the owners and directors of the trial. Put an end to the fact that the best English football is being used as a public relations vehicle for those who are complicit in serious human rights violations.

The list of atrocities reported by Amnesty International against the Saudi government includes the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoki, torture and mutilation, or the accusation of writer Raif Badawi (seven years in prison) of “insulting Islam”. One thousand lashes – of which, in the first session, on January 9, 2015, 50 was imposed, which was subsequently adjourned due to the health of the rival of the Saudi regime.

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