Elon Musk says Starlink won’t ban Russian state media in Ukraine: ‘Sorry to be absolutely free of speech’

Elon Musk Overnight, he said, “some governments” had asked SpaceX to block Russian condition The media on her Starlink internet satellites, but she said, “We’re only going to do it at gunpoint.”

He specified that it was not a request from Ukraine, adding: “I’m sorry to be a free-speech keeper.”

ELON MUSK calls for increased US oil production, gas production to combat Russia despite negative impact on TESLA

When a commentator argued that the Russian media was propaganda, Musk replied that “all news sources are part propaganda, some more than others.”

Earlier, he tweeted that SpaceX prioritized cyber defense and overcoming signal jamming, having said the day before that in some parts of Ukraine Starlink was the only non-Russian communications system operating and potentially a target.


A week ago, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla said the Starlink service was active in Ukraine hours after Ukraine’s deputy prime minister asked for his help as the Russians tried to disconnect the country from the Internet.

Moscow got rid of a lot of independent media after the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin Enforce a new law that subjects journalists to prison if they report “false” news about the war, anything that contradicts officials’ statements about Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

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