Antonio Gutierrez. The world has “entered an era of unpredictable chaos”

The crisis in Gaza is one of the examples specifically mentioned by Antonio Guterres The threat against Rafa deserves extensive criticism and points to the widespread crisis of anger dominating the world.

“I am particularly alarmed by the news that the Israeli army intends to focus next on Rafah (the southern Gaza Strip) — where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are being squeezed in a desperate search for safety,” the secretary-general explained.

“Such action would exponentially escalate what is already a humanitarian nightmare with incalculable regional consequences,” Guterres declared.

Insisting that nothing justifies the October 7 attacks by the Islamist group Hamas or the collective punishment of the Palestinian people, the former Portuguese prime minister highlighted the scale and pace of Israeli military operations in Gaza that have resulted in destruction and death. “Since becoming UN Secretary General.

The Portuguese again demanded an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip and the release of all Hamas hostages.

Rafah, on Egypt's Gaza border, is home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced from other parts of the enclave by an Israeli military offensive fueled by Hamas' worst attack on Israeli soil this century.

“The Age of Confusion”

Antonio Guterres is a world leader beset by threats from all sides. While outlining his cabinet's priorities, he warned that “our world has entered an era of chaos”. Before the UN General Assembly.

“Governments ignore or undermine multilateralism without accountability,” he alleged. He also lamented that “the Security Council, an important instrument for world peace, is deadlocked by geopolitical divisions.”

It was an unprecedented division and all the more terrible because of the “terrible conflicts”, he opined.

This is not the first time the congregation has split. But that's too bad. The current dysfunction is deep and dangerous“During the Cold War, well-established mechanisms helped manage relations between superpowers,” said Antonio Guterres. But, “in today's multipolar world, such mechanisms do not exist. Our world has entered an era of confusion.”

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“We are seeing the results: a dangerous and unpredictable rat race, with complete impunity”, he pointed out, noting that after decades of nuclear disarmament, states are now competing to build their nuclear arsenals faster, stealthier and faster. More accurate, and The development of “new means of mutual death and the annihilation of mankind itself.”.

Peace, “The Only Thing Missing”
“We need to strengthen and renew the global peace and security framework to deal with the challenges of today's multilateral world,” he argued.

There is so much anger, hatred and noise in the world right now. Every day, under the slightest pretext, seems to be war. Terrible conflicts killing and maiming civilians on an unprecedented scale. War of words. Ground wars. “Culture wars”, Guterres said harshly, pointing to the millions of people involved in conflicts around the world where life has become “a deadly and hungry daily hell”.

Although the United Nations was founded in search of peace, In today's world “something that is lacking” is peace “in all its dimensions”.Guterres criticized

“Peace in our world is threatened by increasing conflicts and geopolitical divisions. As polarization deepens and human rights are trampled, peace within societies is shattered. Peace with justice is destroyed when inequalities explode. As we continue to depend on fossil fuels, we ignore any notion of peace with nature,” he said. declared.

“All over the world, and in a whole range of problems, Peace disappeared. People want peace and security. They want peace and dignity. And obviously, they want peace and quiet“, he argued.

Criticizing those who sell crooked math Support grows and divides people“, specifically In a year when half of humanity goes to the pollssaid the President of the United Nations Peacebuilding is a “sensational, courageous and radical act”, but it is humanity's “greatest responsibility”.“.

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Other conflicts

If the war in Gaza is a “sore wound in the collective conscience that threatens the entire region,” Ukraine needs a just and sustainable peace “according to the Charter and international law — “for Ukraine, Russia and the world,” he advised.

Among the obstacles to peace, the UN The leader identified terrorism in the Sahel, fighting in Sudan, armed groups in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, tensions in the Red Sea, lawlessness in Haiti and the Western Balkans.

He called for joint action in the Horn of Africa to preserve regional integrity, a commitment to free and fair elections and democratic transition in Libya, and a return to civilian rule in Myanmar.

Wars destroy. Peacemaking,” he argued. “This is humanity's greatest responsibility. We all have this responsibility — individually and collectively. In these difficult and divisive times, let us fulfill this duty to present and future generations,” he concluded.

Deepening the widespread crisis, Antonio Guterres further lamented that “with the proliferation of conflicts, global humanitarian needs are at record levels, but funding is not forthcoming.”

In such an environment, The United Nations Secretary-General called on governments around the world to take advantage of the “future summit”. It is scheduled for September in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, “to model multilateralism for years to come”.

Urgent reforms

Antonio Guterres outlined some of the issues he wants to address, including changes “the world really needs” Deep reform of the Security Council To welcome members from other continents.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that the African continent is still waiting for a permanent seat”, Guterres highlighted.

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Often considered outdated, the Security Council has been the target of calls for reform and expansion for decades, with emerging nations such as India, South Africa and Brazil seeking to join the five permanent members of Russia, China, the US, France and the United Nations. Kingdom.

In general, almost all UN countries consider it necessary to reform the Security Council, but With various proposals on the table over the years, there is no agreement on how to do it.

Over the years, the veto power – held exclusively by the five permanent members – has been one of the most contentious issues and the target of many calls for change.

Indeed, this is the mechanism used by Russia to prevent the Security Council from acting against it during the war in Ukraine.

According to Guterres, the council's working methods also need to be revamped so that it can move forward, “despite the bitterly divided membership”.

In addition to the reform of the Security Council, The Secretary-General called for reform of the international financial framework, which he considers “outdated, dysfunctional and unfair”.It “favors rich countries created almost 80 years ago” and “does not fulfill the fundamental function of providing a financial safety net to all developing countries”.

Before the diplomatic corps present at the UN General Assembly, Guterres took the opportunity to defend the need for significant youth involvement in decision-making, a global digital pact to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of new technologies, as well as a Platform Emergency Response, an urgent tool to improve international responses to “complex global shocks” such as the Covid-19 pandemic. “.

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