A boom was heard in Washington after the plane crash, chased by fighter jets

This Sunday, several F-16 fighter jets in the United States were surprised by the massive thunderstorm that followed the plane crash.

A plane crashed in Southwest Virginia this Sunday, resulting in four people traveling in the greater Washington, DC area.

An official US government source revealed that F-16 fighter jets were mobilized to follow the plane, but did not explain why. The only certainty is that he was not shot down by them.

The reality is that it is still being determined whether it was a violation of airspace or an in-flight emergency involving fighter intervention.

“We are aware of reports of a large surge across the National Capital Region this afternoon,” the DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management Twitter feed said. It was recorded and circulated by many Internet users on social networks.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed in a statement that a Cessna Citation plane crashed in southwest Virginia on Sunday. According to the government agency, the flight took off from Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Tennessee and was headed to MacArthur Airport in Long Island, New York. But it landed in a hilly and “poorly populated” area.

The Annapolis Office of Emergency Management in Maryland said it was “caused by an authorized aircraft” by the US Department of Defense, surprising many.

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