A 4-year-old girl has died after her grandmother forced her to drink whiskey

A 4-year-old girl died Friday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after her grandmother forced her to drink. Whiskey bottleAccording to local police.

The police were called because the child had fainted and had not regained consciousness, but when agents arrived they noticed she was already dead.

During the confession, the police learned that Grandma had forced him to drink whiskey, and that his mother was watching everything without doing anything.

An autopsy revealed that the 4-year-old Chinese record holder had died of alcoholism. He was reported to have 0.680% blood alcohol, which is eight times the legal limit for adults to drive a car, which is 0.08%.

His grandmother, Roxanne Record, 53, and mother, Kadjah Record, 29, were arrested and will face justice for first-degree murder, according to Baton Rouge police officers.

Could not comment on defensive allegations against the accused.

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Tequila at school

School officials told parents last week that a kindergarten kid at a Michigan school took tequila to school and shared it with four other classmates.

A spokesman for the school described the drink as a pre-mixed liqueur similar to ‘Margarita’.

Margarita is a high alcohol mixture of tequila and lime juice, and it was distributed to children at intervals.

The student brought the drink that was already hidden in the backpack. Many students fainted thinking it was a lemon.

One of the school staff realized what was going on, took the bottle from the student’s hands, and called the school emergency doctors and the mothers of the children to the emergency protocol.

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