After months of deadlock. US Congress gives green light to aid package for Ukraine

After months of deadlock, the House of Representatives finally gave the green light for more than $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine in response to Russian aggression.

Washington has not approved any aid to Kiev since October. A Democratic majority in the Senate approved the support, but it was never debated in the lower chamber, where Republicans, who hold the majority, have blocked the process until now.

The package has now been approved after House of Representatives Speaker (with a Republican majority) Mike Johnson announced a bipartisan deal and brought the aid package up for a vote in this Saturday's session.

In the poll, 101 Republicans voted green for the package, along with 210 Democrats. However, 112 Republicans voted against it.

However, this support differs from others because it is provided as a loan to Ukraine, even if this loan is later allowed to be forgiven.

The measure will now go to the Senate, where it will be approved by a Democratic majority. President Joe Biden has yet to announce the diploma.

Zelensky welcomes US aid that will “save thousands of lives”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the US aid, saying it would “save thousands and thousands of lives”.

“I am grateful to the US House of Representatives, both parties and personally to President Mike Johnson for the decision to keep history on the right track,” Zelensky wrote on social network X.

“The life-saving bill passed by the House of Representatives today will stop the spread of war, save thousands of lives, and help both of our countries grow stronger.”Zelensky wrote on the X social network.

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“We expect the bills to be supported in the Senate and sent to President Biden's desk. Thank you, America!”, he highlighted. The Ukrainian president recently warned that his country would lose the war without US aid, warning that Ukraine was losing enough air defense systems to defend itself against Russian bombing.

NATO's secretary general also welcomed the approval of US assistance. “Ukraine is using weapons provided by NATO allies to destroy Russian combat capabilities. This strengthens the security of everyone in Europe and North America,” Jens Stoltenberg wrote on social network X.

Russia warned that approval of the new US aid package would “harm Ukraine further” and cause more casualties.

“The decision to give aid to Ukraine was expected and predictable. It will further enrich the US and further destroy Ukraine, killing more Ukrainians because of the Kiev regime,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, as quoted by Russian state news agency TASS.

Aid package for Israel approved

The aid package for Ukraine was the most significant of a package of three laws voted in a rare Saturday session, including support for Israel and Taiwan, totaling 95 billion dollars (89 billion euros).

$26 billion in aid to Israel was overwhelmingly approved Saturday, with 365 votes in favor and 57 against.

In particular, the funds will be used to strengthen Israel's anti-missile defense system, known as “Iron Dome,” which helped Israel defend itself against an Iranian attack last Saturday.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already thanked the US for its support, noting that it is “protecting Western civilization”.

“The U.S. Congress passed a much-welcomed relief bill that demonstrates strong bipartisan support for Israel and protects Western civilization. Thank you, our friends, and thank you, America,” wrote Benjamin Netanyahu on the X social network.

The head of Israeli diplomacy believes Washington's new aid sends “a strong message” to its adversaries.

The vote “demonstrates the close ties and strategic partnership between Israel and the United States and sends a strong message to our adversaries,” Israel Katz wrote on his X social network account.

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