The Israeli retaliation was child's play for Tehran and a warning to Tel Aviv

In Rafah, an overnight airstrike killed nine Palestinians, six of them children; In the West Bank, Israeli military operations killed 13 people in two days; In southern Lebanon, at least three Hezbollah operatives were killed; An explosion at a military base used by Iran-backed armed groups in Iraq has killed one person and wounded eight others. Iran once again proved it has no interest in fueling a spiral of violence, downplaying Tel Aviv's response on Friday as “child's play” as clashes continue around Israel. However, what Israel is quietly saying is quite different: it's a message to the Iranian leadership that it needs to be wary of its military capability to penetrate Tehran's air defenses.

“What happened last night [sexta-feira] “This is not an attack,” Iran's foreign minister said. Hossein Amir-Abdullahian, on NBC News, three explosions near Isfahan airport and a military base and not far from the Natanz uranium enrichment plant. “The flight of two or three drones is at the level of toys used by our children in Iran, until a new adventure takes place in the name of the Israeli regime against the interests of Iran, we will not respond”, he concluded. A few hours earlier, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, had already declared that “Iran does not want to escalate” following the contacts with Tehran.

True to its tone, Israel has not officially confirmed that it was responsible for the explosions. A The version expressed by The New York Times According to two sources, Israeli forces deployed a sophisticated missile capable of evading Iran's radar systems in an attempt to “make Iran think twice” before launching another direct attack on Israel, as they could. Deceiving and neutralizing Iran's security.

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According to two Iranian officials, the attack hit a Russian-made S-300 air defense system, and the radar system did not detect an airspace violation, they said. NYT. The newspaper also said the missile was launched by a warplane “far from Israeli or Iranian airspace” and outside Jordanian airspace.

Military Inspector Sky News' Sean Bell describes the capabilities of the F-35 fighter jet Approaching radars before being detected, and once detected, it has electronic means of jamming the radar, allowing attacks to be carried out using this North American-made aircraft.

With each adversary saving face in front of their audience and allies, Iranian and Israeli officials are closing a dangerous chapter that began on April 1, with an attack on an Iranian embassy building attached to the embassy that left 11 people dead, seven of them Revolutionary Guards. The Shiite theocracy has warned of punishing Israel, which a week ago launched 330 drones and missiles directly from Iranian soil – an unprecedented attack. Although Tehran praised its offensive capabilities, Tel Aviv achieved a 99% success rate in destroying explosive devices, thanks to its unique air defense system, supplemented by allied air forces, led by the United States.

Israel's biggest ally approved the aid package on Saturday, with 366 representatives in favor and 58 against. There is 26.4 billion dollars (24.7 billion euros), of which 9.2 billion is for humanitarian aid to the affected population, and the rest is for replenishing and strengthening the arms of the Israeli forces. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the House of Representatives for the decision and said it “defends Western civilization.” But minutes later, the head of government took to the streets to challenge the move, criticizing the move Axios reports that the US is moving forward with sanctions Against an Israeli army battalion for human rights violations in the occupied West Bank.

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