After a diplomatic mission to Beijing. Biden puts Xi Jinping among dictators

During a Democratic Party event in California, in front of reporters, Biden recalled the recent episode in which the United States destroyed a Chinese balloon allegedly spying on American territory. “The reason is [o presidente chinês] “He was very upset when he was shot down” because he didn’t know the balloon was full of spy gear [o dispositivo] was there”.

“It’s very embarrassing for dictators who don’t know what happened.”continued. “When [o balão] “It was very embarrassing to be shot down and he even denied (the device) being there.”.

According to the US president, the Chinese representative believed that the device could not remain on US territory without being diverted.

“China has economic problems”
At the same event, while still referring to relations with Beijing, the President of the United States assured that there was no cause for concern.

“China has real economic problems”the 80-year-old Democrat campaigning for re-election told the audience.

On Tuesday, Biden added that Xi Jinping was concerned about the so-called Quad Defense Strategic Group, which includes Japan, Australia, India and the United States.

“He called me and asked me not to come around [a China] Because it got him into trouble.”Biden said.

And on the subject of Xi Jinping, Joe Biden said: “We’re at the point where he wants to re-establish a relationship.”

It comes a day after US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken returned from China, where he met with Xi Jinping. And using this official visit, The US president considered the secretary of state to have done a “good job” but explained that “it will take time” to resolve the extremely tense relationship between the two superpowers.

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Blinken’s visit to Beijing – the first by a top US diplomat in nearly five years – marked the resumption of talks between the two countries that had been postponed by the balloon incident.

According to the Chinese president, there has been some progress in Beijing. According to Blinken, both sides are open to further negotiations. The rivalry between Beijing and Washington escalated into a diplomatic crisis in February over the balloon episode.

Beijing criticizes the “absurd” reports
China on Wednesday hit back at the US president’s “absurd” comment about Xi Jinping as a “dictator”.

“This comment from the US side is really ridiculous, highly irresponsible and does not reflect reality”Chinese diplomatic spokesman Mao Ning told reporters.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Joe Biden’s statements were a serious violation of China’s political dignity and a general political provocation.

It’s not the first time Joe Biden has made significant statements at fundraisers, small-scale events where cameras, microphones, and cameras are excluded, but journalists present can listen to the president’s introductory remarks and transcribe them.

For example, in October 2022, at one such event, Joe Biden spoke about the risk of a nuclear “apocalypse” unleashed by Russia.

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