A ‘clear sign’ Putin is considering the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, Biden claims

Joe Biden warned that there was a “clear sign” that Vladimir Putin was preparing to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

The US president claimed that “Putin has appeared against the wall” amid fierce Ukrainian resistance, and that the Russian leader is now resorting to “false flag” attacks as a pretext to unleash banned weapons.

Biden also warned that Russia may prepare to launch cyber attacks against critical infrastructure as the war in Ukraine continues.

“Putin is up against the wall,” he told US businessmen late Monday. He did not expect the extent or strength of our unity. And the higher his back was to the wall, the more intense the tactics he might use.

“He is now talking about new false flags he is raising, including that he asserts that we, in America, have biological and chemical weapons in Europe – simply not true.

They also suggest that Ukraine possesses biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine. This is a clear sign that he is considering using both.

He has already used chemical weapons in the past, and we have to be wary of what happens. He knows there will be dire consequences because of a united NATO front, but the point is: this is real.”

Last week, the US president said he believed Putin was a “war criminal” and “a murderous dictator” for invading Ukraine.

Joe Biden discusses the United States’ response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and warns CEOs about potential cyberattacks from Russia at the CEO’s Business Roundtable’s quarterly meeting in Washington, DC. Photograph: Leah Mehlis/Reuters


British Business Secretary Paul Scully said on Tuesday Sky News Any use of chemical or biological weapons by Russian forces in Ukraine would “undoubtedly” be a war crime.

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This comes after he claimed that hypersonic missiles make their interception very difficult, Used to destroy the armory In Ukraine on Friday.

Russian forces were initially assembled for a high-speed blitzkrieg across Ukraine, with the goal of rapidly conquering the capital, Kyiv, but they met stiff resistance.

Britain’s Defense Intelligence Agency said last week that Russia’s progress had “largely stalled on all fronts”. About ten thousand Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the invasion, according to official figures.

Rather than occupy the country quickly, Russia instead began a campaign of brutal bombing of cities across Ukraine.

on Monday, Ukraine rejected an offer to surrender The besieged port city of Mariupol.

In addition to stalled military efforts, Russia faces devastating economic consequences at home, following sweeping sanctions from the United States and others.

According to Jeff Schott of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Russian companies that rely on imported components, such as automaker Lada, have already experienced a slowdown in production, while the ruble has “fallen to the floor”.

“Interest rates are high,” he said. Washington Post. Inflation is rising. It is difficult to find imported goods that are not restocked because no one is selling to Russia for fear of not getting paid – or paying only in rubles. ”

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