Murders at Kiev shopping center, Belarusian troops on the verge of war, and Russia refuse final warnings: Ukraine, 26th

Killed in a shopping center in the Ukrainian capital
A Russian bomb blast near a shopping mall in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, has killed at least eight people. This information was presented by the Ukrainian authorities, who warned that the number of victims could be high. According to various international media reports, bombs dropped by Russian forces also hit buildings near the shopping center, leaving a trail of destruction hundreds of meters away.

Ukraine has accused Russian troops of using grenades to disperse protesters
The Ukrainian armed forces have accused Russian troops of firing and using grenades to disperse protests in the city of Gershon (southern Ukraine) against Russian occupation. At least one person was injured. In a statement issued Monday, the British newspaper The Guardian quoted the Ukrainian armed forces as saying that “Russian security forces have fled and started firing grenades at people.” At least one person was injured, according to the report. Russia has not yet commented on the incident. The Guardian reports that images posted on social media this Monday show civilians in Freedom Square in Kerson running to protect themselves from projectile shells. In some videos, a “sounds like a gunshot” sound is heard.

Belarus could strike Ukraine “soon”
Belarus could strike Ukraine “soon”. It is also possible for Russia to authorize the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarusian territory. This information was provided by NATO sources and quoted by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. According to the source, the Belarusian government is preparing an excuse to “justify the attack on Ukraine and the immediate installation of Russian nuclear weapons” in Belarusian territory. This means that the collection of weapons will take place soon, he said. “I’m not saying they’ll have nuclear weapons there tomorrow, but in political terms, if they decide to do so, steps have been taken to allow these weapons to be installed.”

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Russia offers concessions in exchange for surrender
Ukraine has rejected a final warning from Moscow to surrender Ukrainian troops in the city of Mariupol. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said, “This is not an opportunity to surrender and lay down our arms. Ukraine on Monday rejected Moscow’s proposal to open two humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to leave Mariupol in exchange for surrendering. Residents are dead.In Zaporizhzhia, four children were injured in a Russian attack on public evacuation buses from the area, so Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky stressed that Ukraine would never heed Russian ultimatums to allow cities such as Kiev, Mariupol or Kharkiv to be occupied by Russian forces.

Facebook and Instagram are prevented from working in Russia
A Russian court has ordered an “immediate” ban on the social networking sites Facebook and Instagram in Russia. Both have been accused of “terrorist activities”. “Meta’s activities are against Russia and its armed forces. The WhatsApp messaging application owned by the same company Meta does not fall under this category.

“Clear evidence” that Russia is committing “war crimes”
The U.S. Defense Department has accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine and carrying out indiscriminate attacks as part of its strategy for conflict. At a news conference, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said there was “clear evidence that Russian forces are committing war crimes” and that the evidence was being collected by contributing to the Pentagon’s investigation.

Nearly 10,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the war
According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported that nearly 10,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. A total of 9,861 Russian soldiers were reported killed and 16,153 wounded.

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