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Suunto Baro 9

£539 www.suunto.com

This touch screen watch and accompanying Suunto app are very intuitive to use, so setting it up was fast and easy. You can customise the various workouts, from trail running and weight training to roller skating and open water swimming, so you can choose exactly which information you want on the screen while logging your activity. GPS was very accurate and very fast to locate you, the navigation feature was excellent. The battery life is incredible, going for days without requiring charging, and there are various battery modes to save power. USB charging is simple with a strong magnetic clip that attached to the watch. The Baro 9 has a very large face and body which gives you a big screen, but it repeatedly got caught on bags and jackets, resulting in the buttons being depressed and stopping the tracking a few times while out hiking. The soft rubbery strap is easy to adjust, even on the move, and gives a comfortable fit. Compared to other watches it has a compass and barometer, so if you need them then this is the watch for you. Otherwise, there are sleeker options with comparable features.

▶Verdict: All the bells and whistles – a big watch with a big price tag.

▶Best for: Everything! It’s a well-designed piece of tech.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70