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Raleigh Strada TS Electric

£1700 www.raleigh.co.uk

The Strada TS isn’t just designed to tackle urban roads and rural tracks – it’s also capable of doing a lot of the hard work on your behalf. That’s because it comes with a sizeable electric motor built into the crank, making it part of the 21st century wave of “e-bikes”. Long popular on the continent, and now increasingly common in the UK too. Overall I found it a joy to test. When engaged in one of its three variable power settings the electric motor delivered smoothly without any lag or awkwardness, jetting me up to the 15mph cut-off with ease. It’s a huge boon when commuting, doubling or tripling your feasible two-wheeled distance from work and cutting out sweat to boot. The interface panel is clear and simple to use, the removable battery lasted a good week (~80km) of varied use and recharged in six to eight hours, and the WTB tyre/Suntour suspension combo was solid enough to take me around Cambridge, up the rural Cam and back with ease. Downsides? Although well-balanced it’s very heavy when un-juiced (Raleigh provides no stats for this), and for £1700 you could buy a non-electric bike (or bikes) with much more impressive components.

VERDICT: A truly fun and versatile electric bike that could be all the two wheels you need.

BEST FOR: Commuters and casual on/off roaders.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel