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Primus Lite +


The Lite+ is similar to the Jetboil Flashlite but slightly more versatile as the stove can be easily converted into a traditional stove by screwing three small pot-supporting pins into the burner. This is great if you also need to use larger pots from time to time. In its cooking system form, it’s fast – around 3 minutes for 0.5L of water when I tested it – and it’s also very stable, courtesy of a great little tripod. It fits together sweetly to make it easy to carry, though the tripod doesn’t fit inside the pot alongside the burner and gas cartridge – annoying. And at less than 400g, it’s a reasonable weight. Comfortable touches include a removable insulated jacket and a silicone rubber strip on the lid/cup, which makes it easy to handle when hot. Overall, a little cheaper and more versatile than the Jetboil, but not quite as effective as a solo cook system.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding