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Petzl Tikka


The Tikka is appealingly straightforward, especially in comparison to its cousin, the mighty Nao. There’s no expensive features here, just traditional headtorch function. The stretch headstrap is broad, comfortable and easy to adjust – and at 85g it’s quite unobtrusive on the head. The unit is simplicity itself, with an easy clip release to the 3xAAA battery compartment and a meaty main button, which emits a clear click when switched between “low power” (20 lumens), “high power” (100 lumens) and “off” (errr… 0 lumens). That gives it a claimed burn time of 120-180hrs, which is excellent. The only other features are a 45-degree tilt and a phosphorescent glow around the lamp, which helps you find it in the dark. Although the price is a little higher than similar alternatives I’m a big fan of the Tikka’s efficient burn times, minimalist aesthetic and unpretentious function.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel