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Maier Solveig

£269 www.maier-sports.com/en

Wearing this jacket made me feel a little like a superhero! The removable cape is a great option for any activities where you want your rucksack to be as dry as you, such as multi-day treks. The cape is attached with a zip below the hood and has stud fastenings under the front pockets to help it stay in place in the wind. The studs can be adjusted to suit different sizes of pack. The jacket is made from a stretchy fabric which ensured it was comfortable and well fitting, no matter how my body moved. The low hem at the rear and soft lining fabric in the sleeves make it feel cosy as well as comfortable. The cuffs were easy to adjust, even in gloves. The zips for the main pockets are set high so you can access them while wearing a rucksack hip belt. There are two inside pockets, one small to fit a compass and the other much larger to accommodate a smart phone and even a folded map. The removable hood is snug, keeping out rain and wind, but the peak isn’t very big or stiffened adequately so it doesn’t help to keep rain off your face.

►Verdict: A fantastic jacket for downpours, but needs the hood improving.

►Best for: Any walking where your pack is as important as you.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70