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Leki Micro Trail Pro Poles

£139 www.leki.com/uk

Poles for running was a new one on me and took a while to get used to, but for some terrain, I’ve found these really useful. They are an incredibly lightweight, all carbon pole. The poles are fixed length (there are options between 110-135cm, so buy according to your height) and folding; much like a tent pole, there is a piece of cord that threads through the middle of each section and is then pulled tight and locked to keep the unit rigid. I prefer an adjustable pole but this design does save weight and bulk.

It’s a Nordic style pole, with detachable leather hand grips which come away when you thumb down on the top of the pole. When attached, these really aid the upward and forward motion of the pole. The attachment leaves the pole free to swing out in front for the next step, too. It is genuinely impressive how much this can help over longer distances or more difficult terrain. It does however mean you are attached to the pole, and in event of a fall this could cause serious injury. The ferrule is a very sharp spike. The only conditions where this is useful – soil and mud – are conditions where it might cause environmental damage, and if you are attached to the pole, this may be asking for trouble! The cork handle is very comfortable if a little thin to use without the grip/glove arrangement, and the Micro Trail Pros are insanely light at under 200g each.

► Verdict: Extremely light and efficient Nordic style running pole. Some safety concerns if used incorrectly.

► Best for: Maintained trails and technical rocky ground. 

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern