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Alpkit Mora Hammock

£35 www.alpkit.com

If you are ‘hammock curious’ as I was, then this is a great place to start. No bells or whistles, but an inexpensive and mostly well-made option that packs down into something a bit bigger than my fist, and weighs not too much. I wasn’t sure about sleeping in mine, but I did manage 1 night in it without too much tossing and turning, and it’s an amazing feeling waking up and then dosing off again under a canopy of stars and branches. One thing to note is that you do need something under you to keep your backside warm – I was surprised at how chilly it can get being off the ground – so a mat is advisable. This is for far more than sleeping in though – it’s been brilliant for family day trips, chilling out and reading in the garden, or just escaping to the local woods for an hour or two. The straps are simplicity themselves to adjust and heavy duty enough to feel secure, and while there’s not loads of room in the hammock itself, the fabric feels soft and strong. I’m a little concerned at some stitching coming astray after a relatively short time, but this looks easily repairable. Overall, I wish I’d learnt how to hammock years ago! Weight of hammock: 180g, and with straps 420g, on my scales.

► Verdict: An inexpensive and simple ‘hammock for dummies’!

► Best for: Lounging, dozing, nights out under the stars and trees.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern