Zelensky announces severance of ties between Ukraine and Syria – Observer

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This is what Zelensky is saying now, after Syria sided with Russia and recognized the independence of the divided Donbass republics. “No more relations between Ukraine and Syria” And “sanctions against Syria will be even greater.”

In his usual closing speech, the Ukrainian president also talks about the 144 Ukrainian soldiers who were reportedly captured by the Moscow regime and deported by the Russians.

“144 Ukrainian soldiers have returned home from Russian prisons. 59 soldiers from the National Guard, 30 from the Navy; 28 Army, 17 Border Guards, 9 Regional Security Forces, 1 Police. The senior is 65 years old and the youngest is 19 years old. In detail, Zhelensky described 95 “Azovstalin bodyguards and returnees” as “grateful” for the Ukrainian secret service that worked on the process.

On EU membership, Volodomyr Zelensky points out that “another step” is the “visa-free rule for the transportation of goods”, which now exempts Ukrainian carriers from prior visas to carry goods “:” This will significantly increase Ukrainian exports. Goods by road transport “.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Do not waste a week in relations with the European Union. Despite the war, we will do our utmost to bring us closer to the full membership of the European Union, despite all difficulties. “

Recalling his participation in the NATO meeting on Wednesday, Zelensky stressed that “the coalition is changing its strategy in response to Russia’s anti-European policies and aggression against Russia’s war against Ukraine.” The President of Ukraine said that without Ukraine “security in Europe could not be guaranteed under such conditions”, considering the attack on Mykolaiv on Wednesday. “Everyone in the world is proving that pressure on Russia is not enough.”.

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