Woman cuts off boyfriend’s penis and throws it in dustbin over alleged pregnancy – The World

A woman allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis and threw it in a dustbin after an argument over her pregnancy

The victim died in the hotel where they were staying.

• Photo: Andrey Tambunan/Getty

American police

A woman was “distraught” after she cut off her boyfriend’s penis and threw it in the dustbin. The couple got into an argument thinking that the woman was pregnant again, leading to a disagreement over whether the man was the father of the child or not. The victim died at the hotel they were staying at in Colorado, US, The Mirror reported.

After the attack, 32-year-old Shending Guo went to a store to buy beer, alcohol and antibiotics. The woman later returned to the hotel and called the authorities, thinking her boyfriend was dead.

According to the same source, when officers arrived at the scene, they found the man lying on the bed in a pool of blood and unconscious under the bed. After observing that the victim’s penis had been severed, emergency crews performed resuscitation maneuvers.

The woman was taken into custody and told police that before she died, the man told her she was cold and scared to death.

The woman asked the officers to arrest her, officials said. Shending Guo was accused of murder.

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