Withdrawal of Russian troops: The bodies of 20 people lined up on a street in Pusha

The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes were lined up on a street in the northwestern city of Pusha on Saturday, Ukrainian soldiers have recovered from Russian forces, an AFP reporter found.

One of them had his hands tied. And the bodies were scattered over several hundred meters. The cause of death of these men is not immediately known, but a person There was a major injury to the head.

In recent days, Russian forces have retreated from several locations near the capital following a failed attempt to encircle the capital.

Ukraine declares Puja “released”, but The city was destroyed by fighting: Seen by journalists from AFP Empty cartridge holes and numerous car wrecks in apartment buildings.

Photo by Ronaldo Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images

Sixteen of the 20 or more bodies found were on the sidewalk or on its edge. Three people were in the middle of the road And one in the backyard of a house.

The open Ukrainian passport lay on the floorNext to the person whose hands were tied behind his back with a white cloth.

All of the dead men Wearing a winter coat or tracksuit tops, Jeans or jogging pants and sneakers or boots. Two were lying next to bicycles, one next to an abandoned car.

Photo by Ronaldo Schmidt / AFP via Getty Images

Some were lying on their stomachs, others lying on their backs. The The skin on the face looked like waxSuggests that bodies Have been there for at least several days.

Nearly 300 people were buried in mass graves

Nearly 300 people Were buried in “mass graves” in Pusha, The mayor revealed this Saturday. According to Anatoly Fedoruk, “these are the consequences of the Russian occupation, the consequences of the actions of the enemy.”

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“In Pusha, we have already buried 280 people in mass graves.” It is not possible to do so in the three cemeteries in the municipalityThey were all within the borders of the Russian military, Fedoruk told AFP by phone.

“On some streets, you can find 15 to 20 bodies on the ground,” but “Can’t say how many more are in the backyard, behind the fences“, The mayor continued.”It is not good to catch them until the deminers come to check themBecause they may be trapped, he said.

Ukrainian forces Only a couple of days ago I was able to fully enter Pusha. Before that, the city had been inaccessible for almost a month. For the first time since the city returned to government control, the Ukrainian military has been distributing aid to the population.

Russian forces Are making a “quick withdrawal” from the Kiev and Cherniguri regionsWith the aim of transforming themselves in northern Ukraine, eastern and southern, the Ukrainian government said today.

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