Wilson, the dog that saved the brothers in the forest, is found. “It’s boring”

oh Wilson’s dog was found missing during a rescue operation to rescue four children missing in the Colombian jungle for 40 days – after the plane they were traveling in crashed.

The animal has already been seen twice in the past week, but it did not respond to stimuli, nor did it approach the army trying to capture it, the captain of the Colombian army revealed to G1.

The animal, a Belgian shepherd who is part of the armed forces, came to stay with four brothers, but got lost from the children and search parties.

“On two occasions, Wilson came within 15 meters of the troops, but he didn’t get any closer, he was stupid.”Captain Montiel said, not knowing why Wilson wasn’t approaching his comrades.

Now the army has tried a new strategy. A female dog—an animal familiar to Wilson—becomes part of the search team, in addition to spreading pieces of meat throughout the search perimeter to feed him.

“For us, Wilson is part of the group. We will not stop looking for him, we know he is alive,” said Monteil.

Wilson had been missing since May 18 before the children were found on June 9. Older sister Leslie, 13, came to draw the animals at the hospital in Bogotá where they are hospitalized.

The BGI search team consists of around 100 people including army and tribals.

Remember the children who survived a plane crash in the Colombian Amazon jungle for 40 days. The plane crashed on May 1, and the children – 13 years old, 9 years old, 4 years old and the youngest 11 months old – ended up alone and isolated without their dead mother in a zone with wild animals. Live and hunt in abundance.

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They were finally found on June 9, thanks to the efforts of the army and a group of indigenous people. They are now recovering in a hospital in the country’s capital, Bogotá.

According to Astrid Cáceres, director of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare, a children’s rights watchdog, the minors found a “dog” in the jungle, without identifying it as Wilson.

Wilson has been a member of the search team since childhood. Cáceres added that the children “talked about a little dog that got lost, didn’t know where it was, and went with them for a while.”

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