Prigogine opposes the Kremlin’s absorption of the Wagner group’s mercenaries

The leader of the Wagner Group loses ground after accepting a leading role in the Russian offensive by capturing Bagmuth, while at the same time being critical of the commands of the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian President. On Tuesday, Before a group bloggers Military personnel and pro-Russian figures have acknowledged that Putin supports Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s initiative, which aims to get mercenary groups to sign contracts with the ministry.

“It should be done as soon as possible.”The head of state was quoted as saying GuardianRegarding military contracts, he explained that “According to common sense and law”.

Putin made it clear through these statements that all paramilitary groups must be registered and the law changed to legalize them.

“This is the only way to get social guarantees [para os combatentes mercenários]Because there is still no agreement with the Ministry of State and Defense”.

The Kremlin move is aimed at consolidating and controlling the Wagner group and similar paramilitary organizations, making Prigozhin a subordinate of the Russian government if he signs the deal – making it difficult for the Wagner leader to retain political and military influence. When he was on the front lines capturing the Ukrainian city of Bagmut, he criticized the Kremlin for its lack of weapons and ammunition.

Further, Putin’s support for the defense minister further weakens Prigozhin’s position as he aims to require paramilitary groups to have “legal status” to operate..

“As far as I know, the Ministry of Defense is now closing contracts with anyone who wants to continue working in the Special Military Operations Zone”, Putin said last Tuesday.The Wagner group is not legal in Russia, but the Kremlin allows it to operate outside Russian borders.

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Chairman of the Duma Security Commission Andrei Kartapolov said on the same day that proposals were being prepared to determine the legal status of the private military company.

We are not talking about legalization, we are talking about determining its legal form according to our law.He explained at the same event.The head of the Wagner group opposes Putin
Wagner, head of the mercenary group, reiterated on Wednesday that he would not sign any deal with the Defense Ministry after Vladimir Putin insisted that the social benefits of fighters in Ukraine should be legally covered.

“When the motherland was in trouble and needed Wagner’s help, we all went to protect it, and the president promised us all the social guarantees”Yevgueni Prigozhin wrote in Telegram.

“I have 20,000 dead. Should they sign an agreement with the Ministry of Defense as well?”asked Prigozhin mockingly.

“No one said” that when mercenaries cooperated in a Russian offensive in Ukraine, they would be “forced to sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense”.

The head of the Russian mercenary force had said late last week that he would not sign any deal that would subject him to security. “None of Wagner’s fighters are willing to walk the path of shame again”.

“So, no one will sign the contracts.”

As for social welfare, he said the Russian parliament’s lower house (Duma) and Putin would “find a compromise solution”.

The Kremlin has yet to comment on Prigozhin’s denial. Fighters from the Wagner Group have shown themselves to be among Russia’s best fighters, despite suffering heavy losses in Ukraine.

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The Defense Ministry wants to sign the agreements by July 1 as a step toward greater integration aimed at increasing the combat capability and effectiveness of these groups within the Russian military.

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