Weather for Wednesday March 27, 2024 – Winter Weather Continues!

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oh Wednesday, March 27 Weather will be rainy, windy, high humidity and slightly warmer, but still cold – a wintry day.

A The rain on this day will be very intense and will be very widespread, as will the wind – However, severe conditions are not expected, winter weather, in essence

oh The westward anticyclone continues to promote the circulation of low pressures in the lower latitudes and this will continue in the coming days and for this reason, we will continue with rain and cold weather.

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It is on this day Some flooding is possible, locally in excess of 60mm in 6 hours – and the risk of rivers overflowing as the days go on, with a series of rainy days piling up.

to us A windy day is expected in the Azores, open with moderate rain, with very rough seas

at Madeira will also be a humid day, with rain\light showers and wind increasing throughout the day

We can see inside The MetOffice frontal analysis letter is associated with a cyclone passing over mainland Portugal, with some intensity, near the British Isles. – Same situation in Azores and Madeira, but with less extreme ends!

Weather forecast for Wednesday in continental Portugal

Summary: The sky is generally overcast or overcast. Periods of continuous and usually heavy rains. Snow with slight intensity on the highest mountains. South-west wind, strong and rough sea

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  • The sky is generally very cloudy and may even be cloudy throughout the day
  • Rain or showers are forecast across the country, sometimes intense and partly persistent
  • Snow falls above 1300-1400 m in the north and 1600-1800 m in the center.
  • Possible Heavy rain in the Tagus Valley by mid-afternoon and into the end of the day – this could be the most critical situation of the episode, with potential for flooding.
  • to Temperatures will rise slightly and may rise by 2 to 4ºC during this day, especially the minimum temperatureThere will be one more day Very cool And with the wind exacerbating the thermal discomfort!
  • It will be a day with temperature values Maximum values ​​range from 7 to 13ºC in most areas, with the lowest values ​​appearing in the northern and central interior, where values ​​are generally between 3 and 7ºC – and 15ºC in the south.
  • Downs will be around 6 to 10ºC in most areas, with lower values ​​expected in interior and mountainous areas (2-5ºC) (typically 0ºC above 1400m).
  • We predict Southwest wind, moderate to strongSometimes being stronger on the coast and in the mountains, and with Wind gusts up to 80km/h and gusts of up to 100km/h at maximum inland exposures.
  • A The sea water temperature is around 14ºC on the north west coast and 15ºC on the rest of the west coast.
  • at The Algarve sea temperature is around 16ºC
  • with the sea Waves of 4 to 5 meters along the west coast, sometimes with a maximum height of 8 meters, do not go too close to the sea!
  • Alagarkoil on the south coast We will keep Waves up to 1-1.5 m
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We leave this prediction to interpretation ARPEGE model temperature forecast with minimum temperature, ECMWF model precipitation forecast and same model wind forecast from 12 noon to 6 pm

Note that the forecast may be different and this only serves to provide an indication from the numerical forecast models

Temperature on Wednesday

Temperature on Wednesday

Precipitation in 24H

Weather for Wednesday March 27, 2024 - Winter Weather Continues!

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Wind Wind 12-18H


Weather forecast for Wednesday in the Azores

Summary: This Wednesday, In the Azores, we predict Rainy weather, very cloudy skies and showers, some open all day – high winds from the north-west.

  • Cloudy skies, some clear skies
  • Expect some steady rain in the morning, with less rain between morning and afternoon, increasing again in the afternoon.
  • May be Foggy at some places, with some persistence, with very humid weather
  • Temperatures should drop significantly, winds will turn northwesterly – 2 to 4ºC
  • wind Generally Moderate, 25 to 35km/h, from North-West, gusty at times (30-45km/h) and gusty (60\80km/h) especially from afternoon.
  • We predict temperatures between 10 to 12ºC (minimum), This 14 to 16ºC (max), cool day, wind increasing heat sensation
  • Waves typically up to 7m, On the northern coast of the islands it reaches a height of 11-12 m
  • Sea water temperature is around 18ºC

To this day we can see, Swell predicted by GFS-WAVE model – be very careful, don't go too close to the sea

Wednesday Tide – Azores

Weather for Wednesday March 27, 2024 - Winter Weather Continues!

Wednesday weather forecast in Madeira

Summary: We predict again for this Wednesday, A day with many clouds and rain or light rain, wind gradually increasing, from west\northwest – rough sea.

  • Periods of very cloudy or overcast skies – Occasional clear skies are possible on the southern slopes of Madera Island
  • Mostly on northern slopes and hilly areas, and light rain\ light rain from afternoon.
  • wind Generally moderate, from west/northwest (generally 25 to 35km/h), strong and sometimes gusty in highlands, especially up to 75km/h, especially in the afternoon.
  • Temperature without major changes Compared to previous days
  • We expect a maximum temperature of 20\21ºC and a minimum temperature of 14 to 15ºC
  • Ultraviolet radiation: 5-6 (High)
  • with the sea Waves usually up to 3-4m
  • Sea water is around 19\20ºC temperature
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A day with many clouds, some open clouds and light rain. with expected rotation Humid and light rain is likely in the coming days – Keep following our daily forecasts here

Using the ECMWF model, we can see in the letter below, Rainfall forecast for today in Madeira Island

Rain in Madeira - Wednesday, March 27

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Next days

We expect unstable and cold weather throughout the week, with snow, perhaps with occasional surprises, depending on the evolution of low pressures and their evolution towards the south, which is the remaining and possible trend of March. In early April (1/2 days).

Remember the winter weather and January for a few days – Significant rain is likely across the country, and heavy snowfall in the mountains!

The NAO-phase (weak anticyclone in the Azores) should dominate A countercyclone heading west of the Azores toward Greenland—creates conditions for lows to descend in latitude toward mainland Portugal—in conditions not too dissimilar to those on March 7–10.

A combination of factors favors the evolution of monsoonal weather across the country and much cooler than average, probability >99%.

A In the south, luckily, the rain continues to fall and will reappear with some intensity throughout the latter part of the month – helping to alleviate the drought situation a little more.

A The instability is more intense on some days than others – could it “threaten” Easter? Let's see, it will probably be cold and rainy – although the models are still somewhat variable, and with different scenarios – it is not yet possible to accurately predict what the period from the 29th to the 31st (Good Friday and Easter weekend) will look like.

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The weather in the Azores will be relatively dry until the 27th, and there should be no conditions for high winds or significant rain, some conditions of humid weather and light rain, in general – we should monitor the possibility of some rain. Weather at the end of the month, but nothing major in principle

Flows from the north may now be higher And temperatures should be moderate, but with some cold intrusion, depending on the position of the lows, still uncertain!

The sea will continue to be rough

at Madeira Unstability eases over the next few days, but moisture remains in the north and this will continue, at least until the 25th/26th – cooler, with light rain at times.

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It might still be winter at the end of the month, so watch out!

Temperatures are generally expected to be above average – and may drop towards the end of the month– Being that As of now, no significant bad weather is expected in the archipelago

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