“We took 11 children out of the stage” – Daycare educator tells interesting details about the tragedy in Brazil

Marisol FernandezAn educator at a daycare center in Saccara Flora, one of Brazil’s petropolis districts, told how eleven children were rescued during heavy rains on Tuesday, February 15. That caused At least 104 deathsIncluding eight children, and at least 35 missing.

In an interview G1The children – some of the infants – were evacuated by wires with the help of neighbors, and each of them was rescued and placed in the house next door, Marisol explained.

“The hill began to fall, from the inside From the day care center, I saw people calling it ‘Favelinha’, a place where many houses were, and We saw all the houses collapsing and we were in day care with many children. We managed with the help of some neighbors Take the children across the fence to a field next to the day care center. There were babies at 3 months and 20 days.He recalled. According to the educator, there were not many children at that time because most of them were still embracing and, therefore, they had already left.

Fifty years later, a woman like her grandmother died

Some parents, 24 hours after the tragedy happened, have not yet taken their children. “Even what I learned yesterday [quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro], There were still children in the house next door because the parents could not go there. We do not even know if the parents are alive or dead. I do not have much news because we are all without internet ”He explained.

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