War in the Middle East. The evolution of the conflict between Israel and Hamas

“It is not appropriate to talk now about the recognition of the Palestinian state. At this time we are facing a terrorist organization to bring security to the Israeli people, but also to the Palestinians (…) Let’s finish the job now. I will talk about the future”, Tor Shapira said in a video posted on his account on X Network on Twitter today. said.

The diplomat also questioned the presence of an interlocutor for the dialogue, saying the Gaza Strip is “controlled by the terror” of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which “couldn’t even condemn what happened on October 7”, the day the movement took place. According to Tel Aviv officials, Islamists were massacred, 1,200 people were killed and more than 240 were kidnapped.

“Believe me, the future of Israel and the Palestinians, with all due respect to the representatives and all, is more important to me than them. It is the future of my children, not your children”, he declared.

The Republican Assembly voted on Tuesday eight resolutions, without force of law, in the debate marked by Livre, entitled “Two-state solution and the recognition of the independence of Palestine”, but only the recommendations for the PS, PAN government on the matter were approved and free.

The PS plan is more unanimous — votes in favor of supporters, PSD, IL, BE, PAN and Livre, abstaining from Chega and PCP — and recommends to the government “all diplomatic efforts to preserve state formation. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and “two potential and sustainable With respect to the existence of the State of Palestine, the State of Israel maintains respect for United Nations resolutions on the existence of States.

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Livre saw the endorsement of the recommendation “against the escalation of the war in Israel and Palestine” and a call for an immediate cease-fire, like the PAN, which calls for “an immediate end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a permanent peace by implementing a two-state solution”.

In this regard, Dor Shapira argued that “sane discussions” should not be introduced at this time about a Palestinian state or a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli offensive by land, sea and air has already caused more than twenty thousand deaths. ., according to figures from Hamas-controlled local authorities, eight thousand children and 6,200 women and 52,600 were injured, and 1.9 million were displaced, according to the UN.

“At this time we must dedicate ourselves and commit to solving the problem we have, the threat to Israelis, ensuring the return of the people of Israel to safety and security, and bringing the hostages home,” the ambassador noted. The statements were released today as parliament debated the crisis in the Middle East, saying it was Israel’s duty to its people and that “Portugal would do the same if it were in the same position”.

On December 6, Tor Shapira said that Portugal follows the European Union (EU) and there is no change in its position regarding the State of Palestine.

“Regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state, Portugal’s position follows the EU’s lead, and currently the EU does not recognize the Palestinian state, so I do not see any change in that,” the Israeli ambassador said. A press conference of family members of hostages with the Portuguese nation held by Hamas in Lisbon from October 7.

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The diplomat commented on the statements made to Foreign Minister Lusa that recognition of a Palestinian state “is something that needs to happen”, but coordination with “some close partners” will have “consequences for peace”. “.

“Recognition is not seen as something that can happen, but as something that must happen, and the exact moment in which it should happen is still undecided,” announced Joao Gómez Cravinho, head of the Spanish government and the current situation. The President of the Council of the European Union (EU), Pedro Sánchez, has agreed to the possibility of Spain recognizing the Palestinian state unilaterally, apart from the EU and other member states of the Community.

Since the start of the war, there has been a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip between November 24 and 30 – a ceasefire brokered by Qatar, Egypt and the United States that saw Hamas release 105 hostages. 240 Palestinian prisoners and humanitarian aid enclave entry.

About 130 hostages are being held captive in the Palestinian territory, where displaced people are surviving in tents in the middle of winter and in a deep humanitarian crisis, with hospitals collapsing, epidemics breaking out and shortages of drinking water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed on Wednesday that Israel would continue the “war until the end”, dampening hopes of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and expected talks with Hamas to resume.

“We will continue the war until the end. It will continue until Hamas is eliminated and won,” Netanyahu insisted in the video message.

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Hamas and other Palestinian factions today rejected the possibility of opening talks on the release of people abducted during the October 7 attacks, “unless Israel’s occupation is stopped”.

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