Counterattack in sight? The Ukrainian army would have moved to the eastern part of the Dnipro

In Ukraine, the army was able to advance in the Kherson region. The War Research Institute says the Ukrainians have managed to penetrate the eastern side of the Dnipro River, possibly the first step in pushing the Russians out of the area and the first sign of a counteroffensive.

More than five months after recapturing the city of Kherson in the south of Ukraine and on the west bank of the Dnipro River, the Ukrainian army managed to cross over to the other side and establish positions on the east bank.

The Institute for War Studies released this information It is based on geospatial images and reports from Russian military bloggers, who guarantee that Ukrainian forces have been able to stably establish material supply lines.

These developments could even be the first step in a long-awaited counter-offensive, but Ukraine has not reacted for now and officials are asking for “informed silence”.

In the East the situation is quite different.

In Pakmut to the east, the trend is reversed and Russia would have captured three more districts of the city.

The attacks of the Russian forces did not cease to be felt in the city of Kharkiv. At least five missiles have already hit the city and surrounding areas.

Controversial Chinese views

At the political level, France declared full solidarity with the countries of the former Soviet Union after controversial comments by the Chinese ambassador in Paris that “countries of the former Soviet Union do not have effective status within international law”.

Paris is urging China to clarify whether these comments reflect the country’s position.

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