Want to lose weight or not? Five table swaps that help (a lot)

AndHere are five simple swaps that will “help you lose weight while eating fun food.” Who says that Nutritionist Diana Cruz.

Here are the changes you can make and implement in the table:

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1- Switch soft drinks to plain, unflavored sparkling water with a lemon wedge;

two- Replace ultra-processed crackers with whole-wheat bread with few ingredients, as it’s less processed and more satisfying.

3- Choose krebioka instead of tapioca. Basically, you only need to add one egg, a fiber and fat-rich food that “will help reduce the glycemic load of the meal and increase your satiety”, emphasizes Diana Cruz;

4- Avoid sugary yogurts. Go for natural options with sweets. Natural yogurt is nutritious and probiotic;

5- You can keep using rice. The ‘secret’ is to reduce the amount and add vegetables or pulses.

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