Because of the war, Putin “could no longer be physically present” with other leaders.

SIC’s commentator Germano Almeida considers there to be a “disproportion” between the Ukrainian attacks and the Russian attacks, and asserts that Putin’s attack on the market in Donetsk was one of the “biggest crimes” from the beginning. War. On depleted uranium munitions, he explains why they are controversial. He also mentions the absence of Vladimir Putin G20 Summit It means you can no longer physically meet other leaders.

Russian and Ukrainian attacks? There is an “equilibrium”.

In the Manhã version, he emphasizes that there is a “Proportionality” between Kiev and Moscow attacks.

“In the Russian mind, this would be a response to Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil. But we are talking about different things. Yesterday, one of the biggest Russian crimes since the beginning of the war took place.“17 people died and 32 people, including a child, were injured,” he asserts.

In the city of Kostiantynivka, in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, Russian shelling hit a market it described as “normal, shops, a pharmacy and innocent people”.

Russia Abandons Robotine “Tactfully”

Germano Almeida reports that there is “Unity of relatives” what Russia did in Kherson last year.

“[Rússia] He strategically left an area that he realized was going to dominate Ukraine.

A SIC commentator explains that Robotine “Ukrainian Progress to the South” And adds: It may be more capable of advancing quickly in a row, but See “Requirement of Alert” and “Ground Action”.

US Support: Depleted Uranium Ammunition

In SIC Notícias, the expert explains that uranium munitions are depleted Related to Ukrainian performanceBecause they are The ability to “penetrate the armor of Russian tanks”.

As for the controversial part, it is obvious. For example, there is a risk of attack by civilians. It’s a tough question, but it means Ukraine needs ammunition.“.

you US and EU “Can’t Provide Quality of Ammunition” Ukraine needs at this stage and beyond.

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The depleted uranium announcement of this support was made by the Pentagon on Wednesday.

The 120 mm ammunition is designed for US Abrams main battle tanks and is part of a US$175 million (€163 million) military aid package to Kiev.

G20 Summit

For Germano Almeida, Putin is absent G20 Summit, After agreeing to participate, it means “No more physical presence with other world leaders”.

The commentator in the Manha version states that it will be A summit exploring movements like BRICS.

The G20 Summit will be held in New Delhi, India on September 9 and 10.

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