Vladimir Shirinovsky, the Russian nationalist who predicted war in Ukraine, has died.

“His personality is so great that it is difficult to imagine the development of the political system of modern Russia without him,” Volodin wrote about Shirinovsky on his Telegram of Channel, however, an explosive personality who would always avoid opposing President Vladimir. .

“He had a deep understanding of how the world works, and he expected many things.” A minute of silence in the Duma paid tribute to him by fellow delegates.

According to several Russian media outlets, Zhirinovsky was in a critical condition for two weeks after contracting Kovit-19. Volodin talked about “chronic disease”.

The Ministry of Health told Russian news agencies that “the best specialists, doctors, fought to the last for their lives.”

Russians will remember their emotional speeches, their surprising looks or their fierce outbursts, for example, when they threw a glass of water, insulted an opponent in a debate, or fought frequently with representatives in parliament.

He predicted that 2022 would be “not the year of peace, but the year of Russia’s superpower again” and began the major public action before December 27, saying “wait until February 22”.

Coincidentally, Putin recognized pro-Russian separatists from the Ukrainian Donbass two days before launching his invasion of the neighboring country.

His death was lamented by the Liberal Democratic Party (LTPR), which he led for more than 30 years, as “a blow to Russia and the military of its supporters”.

Vladimir Shirinovsky, positioned on the far right, has participated in almost every presidential election in modern Russia, and his party has always been represented in local and national organizations, playing the role of a quiet opposition, but not a rebel.

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