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This Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, promised that Vladimir Putin was “very ill” with cancer: “He is in a very bad physical and psychological condition.” The official expects a change of power in Russia – he acknowledges that this could be done through a conspiracy, stressing the “process”. [de transferência] It’s already happening. “

In an interview with Sky News, According to Kirillo Budanov, defeat in the war in Ukraine could also accelerate a plot. And – as a result – Vladimir Putin came out of power.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence points out that he is “optimistic” about the outcome of the war. The conflict will be resolved by the end of this year Emphasizes that the “breakthrough” may already occur in mid-August. “Most war operations will be over by the end of the year,” he says, predicting a victory for Ukraine, which could recapture “the territory it lost”, including Donbass and Crimea.

On the battlefield, Kirillo Budanov says Russian tactics have not changed. Despite turning east, there were official signals that Moscow forces Face “huge losses” In terms of soldiers and equipment, it condemns the withdrawal of many more Russian troops.

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Assuring that Ukraine knows “everything” about Russia – including its plans – Kirillo Budanov is undermining Russian military strength. “Europe sees Russia as a major threat. They are afraid of aggression. “He pointed out that “the most publicized Russian power is a myth.”

“They are not so powerful”The official points out that Russian forces have been pushed to the border near Kharkiv, the area where Ukraine has recaptured villages and towns temporarily occupied by Russia.

Faced with the possibility that he was spreading pro-Ukrainian propaganda, Girillo Budanov dismissed it as “his job.” “What if I don’t know these things?”He asked.

Rumors that Vladimir Putin is ill are not new. This Friday, too, New Lines was in the magazine Access In the audio of a conversation of a Russian oligarchy near the Kremlin, the Russian president says he is “very ill with leukemia”. The record does not mention whether it is leukemia, lymphoma or any other cancer.

The specialized website Bellingcat confirms that Russian secret services sent a memorandum classified as confidential asking them to deny this information.

“The memo instructs regional officials not to believe rumors about the president’s terminal illness,” explained Cristo Grosev of Bellingcat. “Instructions have also been issued to their local units to refute these rumors. According to the source of one of these units that saw the memo, this unprecedented instruction had the opposite effect, with most FSB agents beginning to believe that Putin actually had a serious illness.

Putin missed the ice hockey tournament for the first time and rumors of his health booming

Vladimir Putin did not attend the ice hockey tournament he founded, which raised doubts about his health.

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