Vilnius Summit “Indisputable Evidence of Coalition Solidarity in Support of Ukraine”

“This NATO summit was an irrefutable demonstration of the Alliance’s unity in supporting Ukraine, aiming for a path to peace and the clear defeat of violators of international law. That was the big message that came out of this summit.”Prime Minister told reporters in Lithuania.

Antonio Costa congratulated NATO for formally meeting Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time and confirmed that “there was a clear demonstration by everyone, so that as soon as possible, NATO can welcome Ukraine.”

Additionally, in the Portuguese Head of State’s view, “The entry of Finland and the brief entry of Sweden demonstrate well how this war unleashed by President Putin has already translated into a major geostrategic failure.”

“NATO is stronger today”
He continued, noting that if the Russian president’s intention was to divide the system, “he did not succeed.”

Ukraine is closer to NATO today than ever before.He still answered.

Antonio Costa, questioned by journalists about the first statements of the Ukrainian president, initially considered that “there was a misunderstanding.”

“Report [da NATO] Call Results”He explained. “It is everyone’s reassurance that Ukraine will become a member as soon as possible (…) when the conditions are met.”

“The most important message from here is that everyone reaffirms that they are doing everything to ensure that these conditions are checked as quickly as possible”

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