Video shows Yevgeny Prigozhin talking to Wagner troops in Belarus

Confirms the authenticity of the video, It was Prigozhin’s first public appearance with his men since the group invaded Russia Last 23rd to 24th.

“Welcome boys! I am happy to greet you all. Welcome to the land of Belarus! We fought with dignity! We did a lot for Russia,” the man said, according to US television CNN and Reuters, which did not release the video.

The apparently unedited images were shared on pro-Wagner Telegram channels and on Prigogine’s account. They will be caught this morning or dusk.

The poor quality of the images and lack of lighting make it difficult to identify the personOne of the fighters calls him “Yevkuny Viktorovich”.

In his address to the troops, the alleged leader criticized the Russian strategic plan for military operations in Ukraine and their respective executions.

“What is happening now at the front is a shame, we don’t need to take part in it. We have to wait for the moment when we can fully prove what we are capable of,” says the man, identified only as Prigogine.

“That is why We have decided to camp in Belarus in the future. I am sure that during this period we will make the Belarusian army the second largest in the world. If necessary, if we go there, we will protect them,” he added.

“Welcome to Hell”

“I ask everyone to really take into account that Belarusians accepted us not only as heroes, but also as brothers”, underlines the alleged founder of the group Wagner. The stay in Belarus may be temporary and the headquarters of the group may be moved again.

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The mercenaries’ main operations now take place only in Africa, where their presence has helped the Central African Republic and Mali governments stay in power for years, and that will be the next step.

“We need to prepare ourselves, improve and start a new journey to Africa,” Prigogine is quoted as saying. “Maybe we’ll come back [à Ucrânia] When we’re confident we won’t be asked to shame ourselves and our experience.”

The video later shows the alleged leader receiving a black flag emblazoned with the motto from Wagner’s group. Blood, Honor, Homeland, CourageFrom his field in southern Russia.

After the opening speech, A man identified as Dmitri Utkin, Wagner’s team number two, also spoke to the men. “This is not the end. This is the beginning of the biggest job in the world, which will soon be washed under the hood,” he said in Russian.

Woodkin’s English, “Welcome to Hell!”

The Wagner group was founded by Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin, a former Russian special forces officer in the GRU, the military secret service that unofficially engages Russia in external conflicts.

The group helped Russia annex Crimea in 2014 and has fought against Islamic State in Syria. He was part of a special operation in Ukraine, the Russian post for the invasion, which captured Bagmuth with heavy losses on both sides. It maintains operations in the Central African Republic and Mali.

Meanwhile, according to Prigozhin, mercenaries, reinforced by prisoners from Russian detention centers, maintained a force of 25,000 men.

Uncertain destiny
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he installed it in June A deal with Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the Wagner Group’s 24-hour riot. The deal included the transfer of Wagner troops from Russia to Belarus to train the Belarusian armed forces. Mercenary heavy weaponry will remain in Russia.

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Fighters from Wagner began arriving in the country on Tuesday, according to satellite images and videos posted on social media. The first group of troops entered a disused military base in Belarus and would be on two routes.

The reason for the rumor is what happened to Prigozhin after the June Rebellion. Leader Wagner was last officially filmed in June in the Russian city of Rostov, taken by the team a few hours earlier, with almost no gunfire.

Although Lukashenko said the mercenary leader was in Belarus, Prigozhin was reportedly seen in the capital, Minsk, and has not been heard from for weeks. Lukashenko, however, denied earlier reports and noted that Prigozhin was still in St. Petersburg, the Russian headquarters of the Wagner Group, and that “he may be in transit to Moscow or other areas.”

The head of Mi6, the British secret service, confirmed that Prigozhin was alive and in hidingAnd Vladimir Putin notes that he has no choice but to reach an agreement with Wagner’s boss “to save his own skin.”

Putin initially promised to crush the Wagner uprising, comparing it to the 1917 revolution and the turmoil that led to Soviet rule, and considered Prigozhin a “traitor”, but hours later he announced a deal with Prigozhin and the transfer of the group’s fighters to Belarus.

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