US First Lady Jill Biden pays a surprise visit to Ukraine

“I wanted Mother’s Day to come. This war must end. I thought it was brutal and important to show the Ukrainian people that the American people stand with the Ukrainian people,” Jill Biden said. Reporters.

Jill Biden, the latest high-ranking U.S. citizen to enter Ukraine following the Russian invasion on February 24, was secretly traveling.

The first lady traveled by car to the town of Uzhhorod, about 10 minutes from the Slovak village adjacent to Ukraine.

The two walked side by side into a small classroom and sat face to face in front of reporters before meeting in person.

Zelenska, who is in an unknown location with her two children for security reasons, thanked Jill Biden for this “courageous act”: “We understand why the first lady of America came here during a war. Actions take place daily and air sirens sound every day.

Jill Biden is on a four-day tour of Romania and Slovakia.

On Saturday, it was announced in Romania that Jill Biden wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day in a village near the border between Slovakia and Ukraine.

The school, where the two girls first met, has been converted into intermediate residences for Ukrainian immigrants from other parts of the country.

According to the American news agency AP, the visit allowed Biden to conduct the personal diplomacy that her husband wanted to do.

When President Joe Biden visited Poland in March, he said he was disappointed that Ukraine could not come to see the situation “first”, but for security reasons he was not allowed.

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The White House said last week that the president would like to go to Ukraine, but has no plans to do so.

When she got to school, Jill Biden hugged Zelenska and gave her a bouquet of flowers.

After the private meeting, the two joined a group of children who currently live in the school and created tissue papers to give on Mother’s Day.

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