Ukraine’s air defenses shot down 15 of the 18 Russian missiles launched overnight

Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense forces shot down 15 of 18 missiles fired by Russian forces early Monday, the Ukrainian military said.

The attacks come as Moscow steps up its offensive in Ukraine, which it invaded in February 2022.

“At around 02:30 (00:30 in Lisbon), Russian invaders attacked Ukraine from strategic aircraft,” Valery Zalushny, the commander of Ukraine’s armed forces, wrote in a telegram.

In the same release, he also said that 15 of the 18 Russian missiles launched were destroyed.

In a telegram, Kiev officials assured that all missiles aimed at the capital had been destroyed, the second attack against the city in three days.

The Kyiv administration said no injuries were reported and no infrastructure or residential buildings were destroyed.

At night, in addition to Kiev and the capital region, missiles were launched against Dnipro, where anti-aircraft defense shot down seven missiles.

According to the Reuters agency, citing a source from the administration of the region, 25 people were injured.

The city of Pavlograd in the Dnipro region was attacked twice in one night. A factory, 19 residential buildings and another 25 buildings were damaged or completely destroyed.


Dnipropetrovsk Regional Army

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive “will happen,” even if it receives fighter jets promised by the West.

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