Ukraine’s accession to NATO? Biden rejected preferential treatment

“JI have commented on this many times. It’s completely irresponsible,” Joe Biden told reporters at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington before flying to Philadelphia.

The US president has ruled out speeding up Ukraine’s accession process to NATO, as the EU must meet the same standards as any country that wants to join the Atlantic alliance.

However, he stressed that the US is facilitating good “military coordination” between the Ukrainian military and NATO in the face of war as a result of a Russian invasion.

While the West openly supports Ukraine’s future entry into NATO, its immediate membership raises doubts, as the war would actually turn into a direct conflict between Russia and the alliance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday announced the arrival of the first tactical nuclear weapons in the country of Belarus, which borders Ukraine.

However, on Friday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Russia’s delivery of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus a “provocation” but urged caution and rejected Washington’s nuclear response.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely and cautiously. We have no reason to readjust our nuclear policy. There are no indications that Russia is preparing to use weapons,” the US diplomatic chief said.

Blinken argued that the transfer of these types of weapons to Belarus was another “provocation” by the Kremlin and an “irresponsible decision” by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

The US Secretary of State said that Russian President Vladimir Putin placing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is ironic.

The transfer of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to the neighboring country was announced in March by Putin and his Belarusian rival, Alexander Lukashenko.

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The defense ministers of Russia, Serguei Shoigu, and Belarus, Viktor Khrenin, signed documents regulating the storage of non-strategic nuclear weapons on the territory of the former Soviet republic in Minsk at the end of May.



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