Ukraine warns of missile strikes by Russia – News

The Ukrainian military says Russia has deployed about 19 tactical battalions in Russia’s Belgorod region on the Ukrainian border.

Staff said the battalions contained about 15,200 troops, tanks, missile batteries and other weapons.

According to a post on social media, in areas of the Zaporijia region, Russian troops began “seizing personal documents from locals without good reason.”

Ukraine says Russian troops have seized documents to force locals to take part in Victory Day celebrations.


The British Ministry of Defense said today that Russia has run out of precision guiding weapons, meaning that Moscow is increasingly seeking inaccurate rockets and bombs, which could spread further destruction.

Although Russia has said that “Ukrainian cities will be safe from bombings,” unregulated ammunition poses a growing risk, according to a daily report on the social network Twitter.

“As the conflict continues beyond Russian pre-war expectations, the Russian reserves of precisely guided weapons have already been depleted,” the British military said.

“It is forced to use outdated but readily available ammunition that is less reliable, less accurate and more easily intercepted,” the report said.

The British added that Russia “will have difficulty replacing the precision weapons it has already spent.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and has already killed more than 3,000 civilians in a military offensive that, according to the UN, warns that the actual number could be much higher.

The latest UN report says more than 13 million people have been displaced by the military offensive, more than 5.5 million of whom have fled the country.

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The Russian invasion was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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