Ukraine vs. Russia: Release of grain exports

Ukraine and Russia have signed agreements with Turkey and the United Nations to unlock millions of tons of grain in Ukraine. The move is seen as a sign of hope for a war that has no end in sight for now.

Ukraine and Russia have not been side by side for a long time, as a poster prepared for a ceremony announcing the lifting of the grain embargo has it all. But before the start, that poster was replaced by another poster. UN between the flags of the two countries.

A description of what happened this Friday.

Ukraine and Russia did not directly sign the agreement. Yes, they signed two separate but equal agreements with Turkey and the United Nations that included a commitment to withdraw grain exports.

Therefore, more than 20 million tons of grain is no longer kept in Ukraine, which can go through the Black Sea on ships, which will be monitored by Ukrainians and Russians and Turkey and observers. United Nations.

Both sides of the conflict pledge not to attack merchant ships.

The agreement guarantees the safe shipment of grain and fertilizer products produced in Russia.

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