Ukraine makes slow progress on counteroffensive and Putin reveals about Wagners

Ukrainian forces have retaken a few more kilometers of territory, although Chechnya’s leader downplays that success. The Russian president spoke again

This Friday, Ukraine managed to reclaim a few more kilometers of land in the country’s east and south in a counteroffensive against the Russian invasion that began nearly a year and a half ago.

In the Melitopol area alone, Ukraine has advanced 1,700 meters, the Institute for Combat Research estimates, according to data compiled in a daily update.

In a separate update this morning, the Ukrainian armed forces said they had recorded at least 32 clashes with the enemy throughout Friday and that Russia had launched at least fifty airstrikes, including 43 missiles and several gunshots. Drones Iranian production has yet to complete an assessment of potential damage beyond a few private homes.

“We should all understand very clearly that the Russian forces are investing everything necessary to stop our soldiers on our territories in the south and east. Every kilometer we advance, every victory of our soldiers deserves thanks,” said President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, at the end of each day’s regular communication. .

In a partial survey, without neutral verification, The Armed Forces of Ukraine are rated As of this Friday, 237,180 soldiers assigned to the Kremlin have already been killed, including 590 last Friday alone, 4,102 tanks (+5), 8,019 armored vehicles (+11) and 4,463 artillery systems (+14) and 425 mobile air defense systems (+2). .

On the Russian side, the TASS agency reported a strong Ukrainian invasion of the occupied Donetsk region and Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, reported the capture of eight Ukrainian soldiers near Pakmut. That part is fake.

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The same source also highlights a strike at an munitions factory in Scotland. The Mirror reported on FridayA possible reason for the delay in delivery of the missiles Storm Shadow This Sulphur Ukraine urgently needs more weapons from the UK, TASS says.

The British newspaper explains that workers at the Scottish factory are demanding fairer wages because “they earn little more than the minimum wage and can earn more moving ‘beans’ in supermarkets”.

In an interview with “Kommersant” newspaper, he admitted that he was trying to control the group’s mercenary forces by overthrowing Russian President Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Vladimir Putin said he had proposed mercenaries continue to fight in Ukraine in a so-called “special military operation” but replaced the leadership of the group, which the paramilitaries allegedly rejected.

Prigozhin has been maintaining the calm that began weeks ago, after his revolt against Russian military leaders on June 23 and 24.

Meanwhile, a film was shot in Belarus where some senior paramilitaries from Prigozhin’s group allegedly gave military training to Belarusian soldiers.

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