Ukraine agrees that Russia may announce general mobilization

“They can strengthen their positions. We understand that this can happen. At the same time, we do not exclude the possibility that they will announce a general mobilization”, Danilov said in an interview with digital newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

Danilov assumed that this mobilization would be convened to “destroy a large number” of Russian citizens so that “they would have no trouble in their territory”.

In this sense, Danilov also recalled that Russia has not given up on ensuring control of Kiev or the idea of ​​completely “destroying” Ukraine. “We have to be ready for anything,” he said.

“I want everyone to understand that [os russos] They have not given up on the idea of ​​destroying our nation. If they don’t have Kiev in their hands, they won’t have anything in their hands, we have to understand that”, continued Danilov, not excluding that the new Russian offensive will come from “Belarus and other territories”.

In this way, Danilov praised the decision of many of its citizens who decided to stay in the Ukrainian capital when the war broke out in order to protect the city.

“They expected there would be panic, people would flee, there would be nothing to defend Kiev,” he said, referring to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The military offensive launched by Russia in Ukraine on February 24 caused at least 6.5 million internally displaced people and more than 7.8 million refugees to European countries, so the United Nations classifies this refugee crisis as the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). )

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At this time, 17.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance and 9.3 million in need of food assistance and shelter.

The Russian invasion – justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin with the need to “denazify” and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was generally condemned by the international community, which blamed Russia for sending weapons to Ukraine. Political and economic barriers.

The UN says 6,755 civilians have died and 10,607 have been injured since the start of the war. confirmed, underscoring that these numbers are much lower than the actual numbers.

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