Top revenue company jumps on the partner increase train

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After Milbank announced a new assistant pay scale, a lot of companies… kind of sat in their hands. Weeks went by with a few matches as everyone waited to see if Milbank really gave the last word on compensation. Davis Polk finally broke that stalemate, and now Kirkland has decided to follow suit.

During the salary break, Kirkland sent an email to all hands Announcing a new strategy to return to the office, frustrating lawyers who understandably did not want to hear the order to return to their offices while the rest of the market debated increases. This non-enforceable error cannot be bypassed because the company finally told the lawyers what they wanted to hear all along:

Screenshot 02-23-2022 at 12.21.59pm

[UPDATE: Totally stupid me. I had written that it wasn’t clear when these numbers take effect. But the text of the memo mentions nothing about being retroactive because it’s RIGHT THERE IN THE CHART.]

No one would have guessed that Kirkland would toughen up the lawyers. The company has a lot of money and a lot at stake in the battle for talent to get a raise. But no one can really rest easy until companies make it official. Kirkland partners can sleep well tonight.

or not sleep. Perhaps… “The Kirkland associates could frantically follow the editorial from their desks well tonight.”

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