There is “very reliable” data that China is considering EU support for Russia – Observer

European leaders To “Very reliable information” Politico quoted a senior EU (EU) official as saying on Friday that China was considering providing military assistance to Russia.

At the beginning of the week, The United States has issued a similar warningIt has been reported that the Russian government is asking China for military equipment and other support for the conflict in Ukraine.

“EU leaders have the most credible evidence China is considering providing military assistance to Russia. All the leaders are well aware of what is happening, “said a senior EU official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The same evidence does not reveal what kind of assistance was requested by Moscow. “We are concerned about China flirting with the Russians,” he added.

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The Council between the EU and China will continue to take place in the presence of Xi Jinping, but everything will depend on the course of events and events.

European union “Imposes trade sanctions on China” Beijing continued with Russia’s request, confirming the same source that stated that “this is the only language Beijing can understand.”

This Friday, US President Joe Biden warned his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping, about the “consequences” and “consequences” of providing “economic support” for Russia in the “brutal” attack on Ukraine. White House.

Amid threats and denunciations, the call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping did not clarify China’s position on Ukraine.

The video conference between the two leaders, their first meeting since last November, focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and lasted two hours, according to the official note.

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Both leaders signaled their desire to “open the way for communication.”

On Beijing’s behalf, Xi Jinping called the conflict in Ukraine a “crisis” and “situation” and called on his US envoy to “work together for peace and tranquility” without mentioning the word “war.” The world “.

On February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine that killed at least 816 civilians and injured 1,333 civilians, including more than 130 children, and sent about 5.2 million people to neighboring countries. According to the latest UN data.

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